Bad Luck Jane

I know that life is not always a fairy tale. I never ask for it to be as well.
I know that to have a good life I have to work hard. I even understand that life is unfair.

I know, I know, I am rambling same old story of life pain.
Yet until I am about this age I still do not get why human could be very inhumane. I still don’t understand why life is unfair to those people that works very hard. It seems that life likes to play odd ball to our life, or rather my life. Life doesn’t let me rest. It always keeps me restless.

I am trying my best not to complain too much, not to whine too much yet I always fail to do so. I hate how unfair this creepy life is. No matter how hard I try on doing things or no matter how hard I work life will just kept on giving me bad luck after bad luck. Some people told me about how God is training me to be strong and tough, yet I need a break. I need a freaking break from bad luck!

Or maybe I am just cursed with bad luck. I am a bad luck Jane.


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