The Art of Letting Go

I don’t like saying hello, because then it will lead to goodbye.
the thought of saying goodbye hurts. that is why I prefer saying see you again, or just a simple smile before I leave.

I am not good with letting go as well. I find it funny to let go things that are very dear to you. I couldn’t find a proper logic to it. But maybe again that is just my stupid selfish self.

I don’t have many things that are dear to me. I don’t find it nice to be attached to things or people. I always try to be alone and independent with my own logical reasons.
Yet when you came and said hello, you become my significant other that I am not willing to let go.

They say when you really love someone you have to let them go. I don’t understand that. Or rather I don’t want to understand them. But again I believe that if it meant to be then it will be.

Will it hurt like before?
Will it be painful like it use to?
Will I be able to get rid of the ritual of being with you?
I am not sure. But I am preparing myself to let go.

I don’t find it beautiful yet, but like Van Gogh painting. Not everyone understand it. Or rather, not everyone is interested in understanding it.
Just like letting go.


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