being lazy

well, yes probably right now i am acting as such a super duper lazy person. Being sick and just lay down on the sofa, on the bed.. And all..
Gosh! I hate being sick like this.
Well, lately I am prety busy with all the stuffs. Photografi, MC-ing again, with all the practices and hanging around with the band members. Being tired and finally my condition just drop and I am sick like hell right now. Kemarin dimulai dengan lemes dan ga bisa bangun, dilanjutkan dengan sekarang yg ternyata lemas lagi dan muntah muntah.. Ampun dijeh!
gw sakit apa sih sebenarnya, ini bener bener ga elit dhe.. huhuhu..
anyhow, well, doakan saya cepat sembuh para pembaca yang saya cintai *berasa penulis terkenal aja dhe gw*

well, miss you so much my autis partner..
love you :-*


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