I am Willing to be HURT..

I don’t know how to start..
where to start..
when to start..
I don’t even know what I am feeling..
this emptiness..
Right now,
I don’t know how to move on.
how to let you go.
how to keep the love..
is this what they call true love?
true love = hurt?
true love = tears?
If I have one more chance..
One wish that it will be granted for sure…
I will ask for YOU
back to my life..
for once..
that I can call you mine.
I never knew it will go this way..
I tried,
its not that I never try..
You promised me,,
you will never let me go..
but who knew,
just when said it, the world turns up side down.
inside out..
white turns black – black turns white.

but I don’t wanna move on..
Although I am tired of crying every night..
stop telling me, to move on.
it will never work.
your happiness is mine..
so, be happy..
even I am hurting here..
for this love.. I am willing to be hurt..


4 thoughts on “I am Willing to be HURT..

  1. Ataaaa…. ayo harus move on.. kalo lo nanya caranya gimana, mulailah dengan melupakan masa lalu atau kalo gak mau dilupakan, terimalah segalanya apa adanya ta… 😀 bisa kok.. gw yakin.. If I could move on, why can’t you? dulu dan sekarang.. gak ada bedanya.. waktu gak berubah.. yang berubah itu kita 🙂

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