My Cofession

If love is not enough for me to describe how I love you.
If a hug is not enough to show how I need you in my life.
I want you to know, how I cant live without you,
kamu adalah jantungku,
deru napasku..
semangat hidupku..
tujuan hidupku..
senyumanku di pagi hari ketika aku membuka mata..
kamu adalah matahariku..
bintangku dimalam hari..
hujan di kemarauku..
I need you here..
and I never want to let you go.
please stay with me..
don’t leave me..

When I said its my confession,
I just want to say to you
that I love you no matter what..


One thought on “My Cofession

  1. Duh ta… yang tabah ya.. tadi gw baru baca email lo en bener dehh.. gw gak nyangka semuanya jadi begitu.. hmm.. I know how it felt.. tapi time will heal kok.. percaya sama gw.. yah? *hug*

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